Sadao Local Government

On 23nd December 2015,

A meaningful event was held in Dannok custom. There were 20 staffs who participated in this event.The is about the donation of helmets to Sadao local government which is later given to the locals to support the road safety campaign.

VHM Group, 2016 New Year Party

On 22nd December 2015,

A New Year Party was held by VHM Group at MBI Resort ballroom. The dress code of the night is traditional Thai clothing. There were 820 people who attended this party which includes the local government. Best employees award were given to all 24 departments. Every department was given an opportunity to perform during the dinner. Best costume award was also given out that night. Everyone enjoyed the party very much.


Loy Krathong Festival

During 24 November 2015 ,

10 teams were participated in Loy Krathong Festival contest held by VHM Group.


Beautiful Kind

Loy Krathong Festival-02

The Winner / 3,000 Baht

  1. Mr. Thanabordee Chitpitak – Housekeeping Supervisor
  2. Ms. Ampeeporn Yujaem – Housekeeping Supervisor
  3. Ms. Karuna Rakchum – Housekeeper


Loy Krathong Festival-03

Secondary  /1,500 Baht

  1. Ms. Rewadee Promchu – Cook
  2. Ms. Prakamad Chaiyuprathum – Cashier
  3. Ms. Woraya Phetborisud – Trainee


Loy Krathong Festival-04

Consolation Prize  /500 Baht

  1. Ms. Rewadee Promchu – Cook
  2. Ms. Prakamad Chaiyuprathum – Cashier
  3. Ms. Woraya Phetborisud – Trainee

Creativity Kind

Loy Krathong Festival-05

The Winner  /3,000 Baht

  1. Mr. Komphet Promsawad – Waiter
  2. Ms. Soreeha Sansorn – Waitress
  3. Ms. Sunisa Wipanit – Waitress


Loy Krathong Festival-06

Secondary / 1,500 Baht

  1. Ms. Janejira Yadniyom – Accounting officer
  2. Ms. Chutiya Palathanapong – Accounting officer
  3. Ms. Daungnapa Khunakkhet A – ccounting officer


Loy Krathong Festival-07

Consolation prize / 500 Baht

  1. Ms. Salintip Buanong – Payroll officer
  2. Ms. Soamthita Sunma – HR officer
  3. Ms. Rakkana Chodchaung – HR officer

Ban Prakob School

On 19 November 2015 ,

10 staffs were participated in a meaningful activity at Ban Prakob School.This activity is about the painting of desks and chairs of the school and also playing games with the children.

Cleaning Samila Beach

On 27  October 2015,

there were 29 staffs who participated in an activity at Samila beach. The activity is about cleaning the beach.A beach that is free from garbage will attracts more tourists.

Blood Donation

On 10 September 2015,

The Thai Red Cross has held a blood donation campaign at KPK Resort to overcome the dwindling blood supply in National Blood Centre. VHM team has participated in this campaign and total of 63 persons have donated their blood to show their support.

Planting trees

On 24 August 2015,

Is known as Thailand Mother’s day and VHM team have went to Pha-dam at Songkhla province to celebrate the Queen’s birthday by planting trees. Pha-dam was a beautiful forest back then and also a water source for the people in Songkhla province. However, at present, this forest was destroyed a lot and the communities wish to restore it back to its origin and to keep the water dam clean. With the team’s help and effort, they replant the trees and cleaned the rubbishes in the forest.

Team building at Satun Province

On 20 August 2015,

VHM team went for water rafting at Satun province. There were 50 staffs joining this activity. The senior management of VHM believe that team building can eliminate conflicts and strengthen relationship among colleagues and encourage mutual understanding. Benefitted from this activity, the staffs have learned how to be creative, improve their decision making skill and enhance stronger teamwork spirit.

Ban Thungsabyjai Border Patrol School

On 23 July 2015,

VHM went to Ban Thungsabyjai Border Patrol School located at Songkhla province and donated computers, sport equipment, stationeries for school children, foods and beverages. Besides donating items, VHM also organised some activities and performances to interact with the children, providing delicious lunch and cleaning activity.

Rai Ook House of Monk

On 24 June 2015,

VHM visited Rai Ook House of Monk, located at Songkhla province. The team helped to clean around the house in order to maintain a hygienic and comfortable living space for the monks. After cleaning activity, lunch was served and provided by VHM. VHM also donated some mats, pillows, blankets and cleaning equipment.