CHARITY100 BLOOD DONATION [email protected] Mall O2O, PENANG.

On 26th March 2016,

On the Saturday 26th March 2016, VHM together with M Academy & Vouk Hotel Suites had come together and
organized a Blood Donation Drive that was held at Main Concourse area at M Mall O2O, Penang. The event
was part of the Charity100 Movement that has been on-going for few years. The event was also supported
by the Tabung Darah Jabatan Perubatan Transfusi Pulau Pinang; who had given their full commitment on
that day with non-stop process of screen-test & collecting blood. It was also a successful event as we
have managed to get 204 approved blood donors out of 264 that had registered. Thank You to all sponsors
who had sponsored the Thank You Gift Bag to be given out to our blood donors. Without any of their
supports, the event wont be a successful one. We are already looking at organizing another Blood
Donation Drive this coming month of June. So wait for the good news!

Crowd at Charity100 Blood Donation Drive (1)

Crowd at Charity100 Blood Donation Drive.


Donors that came for the Blood Donation drive (3)

Donors that came for the Blood Donation drive.


VHM Managing Director - Mr. Adrian Teow, join in to donate blood.

VHM Managing Director – Mr. Adrian Teow, join in to donate blood.

New Wall Paint at Ban Sumnakkham School

On 15th March 2016,

On the 15th March 2016, our company had organized an activity which was painting the school wall  for the Ban Sumnakkham School. We had a group of 16 volunteer staffs that participated in this activity. The activity was part of our company’s CSR project in helping to beautify the school’s wall as it was already in a very rundown look. Plus it was also not visible to public even though the school is facing the road side.  Anyone that passed by the school would never noticed it. We have identified this school for the CSR project and want to help to improve the area and the school so that the kids & teachers will be motivated and take good care of their school besides making them happy with the new look. Now that it’s painted with new paint, the school will be visible to public’s eye.



All Volunteer Staff Help Sumnakkham School Paint the wall.



Clean the area before start.



Every One Help Each other


Birthday Party

On 1st March 2016,

Our Company Had an Activity which is Birthday Party celebration for the staff who born in February. In this Activity we give them a presents and let them blow cake and take a photo together.They received present and sing birthday song together.


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