On 04th March 2017,

Penangites’ love affair with mobile food trucks saw the gathering of hundreds of visitors during the first ‘Food Truck Carnival’ at Vouk Hotel Suites, George Town recently. It’s gathered 25 food trucks from all over the island to help promote small local food and beverage entrepreneurs in a carnival like atmosphere. Food truck is part of George Town’s urban landscape. These vehicles can be seen moving on the road, parked at pop up markets or near offices during meal times. These mobile food kitchens are a boon to office workers and suburbs dwellers as the industry continues to grow. The popularity of its attraction is the convenience of picking up freshly cooked food without driving out to the city’s restaurants for meals. Vouk Hotel Suites  raised and donated RM3,500 from sales of food to The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s Association of Penang.