Sadao Local Government

On 23nd December 2015,

A meaningful event was held in Dannok custom. There were 20 staffs who participated in this event.The is about the donation of helmets to Sadao local government which is later given to the locals to support the road safety campaign.

Cleaning Samila Beach

On 27  October 2015,

there were 29 staffs who participated in an activity at Samila beach. The activity is about cleaning the beach.A beach that is free from garbage will attracts more tourists.

Ban Thungsabyjai Border Patrol School

On 23 July 2015,

VHM went to Ban Thungsabyjai Border Patrol School located at Songkhla province and donated computers, sport equipment, stationeries for school children, foods and beverages. Besides donating items, VHM also organised some activities and performances to interact with the children, providing delicious lunch and cleaning activity.

Ban Chaykuan Border Patrol Police School

On 28 May 2015,

VHM team visited to Ban Chaykuan Border Patrol Police School Songkhla province. This school is supervised under Royal Thai Police and accepted all underprivileged and stateless children. Ban Chaykuan is located at a remote area with limited access to communication and education. Being thoughtful, VHM donated stationaries, computers and sport equipment to the school. The team also provided lunch for the children.

Cancer Children Center

On 25 February 2015,

VHM visited cancer patient, children division at Songkhla Nakharin Hospital. VHM donated color pencils, crayons, drawing books, diapers, mattresses and medical equipment specifically for cancer treatment. This charity event brought forth health awareness to the team and to practice a healthy lifestyle.

Children’s day

On 10 January 2015,

VHM team participated in Srivited Temple at Songkhla Province, celebrating children’s day. This is once a year event in Thailand organised by the local government. Having full support for this event, VHM donated toys, foods, beverages, desserts and stationeries to all children.

Foundation for the Blind

On 25 December 2014,

VHM Team visited Blind Thammasakon Hatyai School at Songkhla. This school provides Braille system education and there is no age limitation imposed. VHM donated desserts, pillows, blankets, plush toys, foods and fruit juices. Besides donating necessities, foods and beverages, VHM also donated cash to help the school to cope with the high printing cost of Braille reading material.

Charity day at SOS children’s village Hatyai

On 28 November 2014,

VHM team visited SOS children’s village at Hatyai ,Songkhla Province. Children from SOS children’s village are mainly abandoned by their parents and some are diagnosed with mental illness. SOS children’s village is caring for 120 children under their roof. VHM donated stationeries, foods and beverages to the children. They also conducted dancing and singing activities with the children

Charity day at nursing home and Ban Songkhla

On 28 October 2014,

VHM visited a nursing home and Ban Songkhla at Songkhla province. This nursing home is a home for elderly people who were abandoned by their children while Ban Songkhla is an orphanage home. VHM donated stationeries and computers, daily living aids, foods and beverages. The team also prepared delicious foods and desserts for the elderly and children. On top of that, they also prepared games and performances to entertain the elderly and children.