Donate Used and New Items

11 MAY 2018. MBI, VHM organised a donation drive to collect used and new items for the underprivileged. Thank you for all your support!

Ramadan Month Donation

During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims are obligated to fast, every day from dawn to sunset. Fasting requires the abstinence from food and drink. During this Holy month, MBI, VHM and Drink Me donated 150 packs of fresh drinking water to the local community to break fast. We would like to wish all Muslims a blessed Ramadan!


Beautify Ton Nga Chang Waterfall

24 MARCH 2018, SONGKLA. MBI, VHM and Drink Me organised a cleaning project in Ton Nga Chang Waterfall located at the Ton Nga Wildlife Sanctuary. This project aims to create awareness to be responsible in littering, highlight the important of preserving the environment and appreciate the beauty of our mother nature. The trash collected are being classified and sent to recycle center.

Chinese New Year 2018 – Luncheon with Sadao Community

22 FEBRUARY 2018, SADAO. MBI, VHM and Drink Me organised a Chinese New Year Get-Together Luncheon for Sadao senior citizens. More than 700 peoples turned out to the event at MBI Resort Dannok to celebrate. This event is part of our vision and mission to contribute and give back to the local community.


Visit to Persatuan Tongkat Putih Pulau Pinang

A group of 7 staffs from Vouk Hotel Suites visited the Persatuan Tongkat Putih Pulau Pinang to contribute the needed of blankets which will be distributed to the vision-impaired during their event – Charity is Our Duty

During the visit, we had the opportunity to approach the vision-impaired and to know their challenges on their daily routine. The staff also had the opportunity to learn about Braille Slate – the slate and stylus are tools used by the blind to write text that they can read without assistance.