M Mall which boasts over 353,317 sq. ft. of retail space, 500++ shop lots and 1,436 parking space is set to be the next must-visit destination for tourists and Penangites alike. With 10-30 tour buses, daily from the Penang International Airport, 36,000 tourists are expected to visit M Mall each month. M Mall will be the lifestyle all of choice to the 300,000 resident in the surrounding area.

Tourist will find this mall convenient – a mere five-minute walk from Penang Bus Terminal Station and just a stone’s throw away from the thriving tourist spots of the Penang Heritage Area. Themed shopping areas bring the best of Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, England and Indonesia to M Mall.

Shop for the latest trend of Tokyo and indulge in Korea beauty products. Then, head over for some fine Chinese cuisine. Stroll through Bangkok and take a little break over tea and scones in the heart of London. M Mall will feature the best of health, beauty, fashion, IT and dining experiences from the world’s best cities.

M Mall is a fun Mall where families can spend the day looking around with all sorts of activities in just one location.


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